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obviously this is new. some people don't know how to just let things go. drama spreads around, words are said, and then it's supposed to be over. i don't understand how you can hate someone so much and then have to care. i don't give a fuck. i also had a bunch of communities on my list that i didn't like and/or i wasn't taking part in so i felt the need to delete them.

i just want to get a few things clear. if you don't like me, don't read this. i don't care why you don't like me or how much you don't like me, you're worthless to me as i you, so scrat. people will always talk shit about you, it's life, it's hard sometimes, suck it up. also; i tend to write about what i buy, ranting on and on about fashion. thirdly - if you're gothic or emo or punk .. don't read my page. chances are, if you're wanting me to add you, i'll fail to add you back. this is my friends only posting. the rest of the updates are for later. <333
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